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CEO & co-founder

At Sisters Republic, I'm the one who orders the PQ :-) And between 2 orders, I make sure everyone knows what to do, how and when. I'm also a bit of a Brigitte Bardot, I'm an unconditional friend of animals and nature, I can get tangled up with someone who kills an ant and I have to force myself to pull weeds out of my garden.



Administrative and Financial Manager, Sisters Republic

At Sisters, I'm in charge of money matters, big or small, to make sure that at Christmas, all our employees can give at least one orange (or two) to their loved ones. My personal side - My guitar is called "Ginger", and I fall asleep at night with "Bring in the accused" on the computer (gloups) My weakness - All humility (hum) Fun fact? I sometimes tidy up the forest



B2B Manager

It's me who makes Sisters Republic panties visible in stores for those who like to see before they buy, and incidentally who fixes shelves and curtain rods 💪🏼!



E-commerce manager

My job is to juggle all the brand's websites (France, Spain, Italy, UK...) and hunt for bugs and technological innovations that could make our websites even more efficient. Otherwise, I spend more time on the phone with our developer than with all my family and friends put together! What's my passion? Animated film, and I'm part of an association that teaches young people how to make animations, particularly stop-motion.



Supply Chain and Purchasing Manager

If you're receiving our lovely panties on time, it's partly thanks to me 🤗. I'm in charge of managing the entire production chain, from material sourcing to your mailbox. Apart from that, I love eating, shopping and can spend all day popping bubble wrap, much to the team's dismay 😊!



Content creator

I edit, disassemble and reassemble videos for Sisters Republic. I'm always on the lookout for the right image and the right formula, and I'm always on hand to create content to help you get to know our panties. Oh yes, and my favorite color is green... (what do you mean, you guessed it?!).



B2B Account Manager

My role is to manage the B2B customers. My daily contacts are the resellers and partners I look after. I'm also in charge of setting up processes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Because, I must admit, I love making Excel spreadsheets, which often causes astonishment and incomprehension among my colleagues, but to each his own, right?



Communicaty Manager

Want to contact the Sisters for a great partnership? Come to me! At Sisters, I'm in charge of communications: social network supervision, influencing, contests, stories, trade shows, press relations, photo shoots... I help Stéphanie and the team keep everything running smoothly, without getting in over our heads. I help Stéphanie and the team to make sure everything runs smoothly, without getting in over our heads. What I like in life: Travel, long walks, eating and partying! With a little sunshine, 26° and I'm at the top of my game!



Our mascot good mood

My job is to set the mood in the office :-) and to remind the team every day, to motivate them, that for every pair of menstrual panties sold, 2,275 tampons will not be bought, which means less waste for our planet and our oceans.


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<p><strong>Free delivery</strong> on orders over £34</p>

Free delivery on orders over £34

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Satisfied or refunded for 60 days

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Free 3X payment

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