Period panties that Go with the flow
and helps you say goodbye to sanitary products



Thanks to our 3 levels of absorption, you can choose the right period underwear for your current flow and enjoy life worry-free!


The ultra-absorbent fabric draws moisture away from the surface to keep you dry and comfortable.


Unlike sanitary pads, which can be made from up to 80% plastic, our underwear means you can go right through your day with no risk of odours.

culotte-menstruelle culotte-menstruelle


All the fabrics used in our underwear are either certified organic cotton or OEKO-TEX standard 100 and are therefore guaranteed to be free of harmful substances to you and the environment.


Our period underwear can be washed and reused for many years, which means less waste for the planet.


The amount we spend on sanitary products every month adds up. Stop throwing money away on items you throw out. Our period underwear lasts between 5 and 7 years, helping you to save money.

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C h o o s e y o u r s t y l e

Each style is available in 8 sizes and in 3 levels of absorption

Colette Hipsters
Pretty period knickers in a classic cut offering good coverage across the buttocks and hips. If you are looking for something comfortable and...
3 degrees of absorption
Sidonie Bikini
Pretty bikini-cut period knickers with a high leg, pretty lace and mesh detailing. Pretty and sexy but still comfortable, this is THE...
3 degrees of absorption
Ginger Boy shorts
Our boy short period underwear has a wide elastic waistband for maximum comfort. There's no cutting into the skin, so you...
3 degrees of absorption

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Sisters Republic Period Panties : just like normal underwear but better

Our period underwear will help you forget you even have your period. Lightweight, odourless, ultra-absorbent and leak-proof thanks to a thin waterproof layer, you can wear them just like you would any other underwear. And with a hipster cut and pretty detailing, it looks just like your normal underwear. Whether you prefer a bikini cut, hipsters or boyshorts, there is something for every style and every outfit, from your most sexy to your most sporty. With our menstrual panties, you will feel pretty, light, comfortable and worry-free. all day and all night . Choose the type of design you like most, the size and the flow level that suits you and test our new hygienic protection for all women. This is the product you need to test out for your menstrual cycle!

Good value and environmentally-friendly period underwear

No more tampons and sanitary pads that just get thrown away every month. With Sisters Republic period underwear, you save money AND the environment every month. Zero waste - well, almost - as our period underwear is washable and can be reused for years and years. To make sure your underwear lasts, just rinse them with water right after use, then machine wash at 30°C with your usual load and let them air dry. Feel free to use a laundry net as extra protection if you wish, but its not essential. Your period underwear is mainly made of a nylon/elastane blend, a soft and resistant material often used for sportswear.

Environmentally friendly manufacture, kind to your body

The importance of intimate hygiene, feminine hygiene and hygienic protection is at the heart of what we do so all fabrics used in the making of our period underwear are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified (the same standard used for baby clothes), which means that all our underwear is guaranteed to be free of any harmful substances or additives, both for your health and the health of the environment. So, you can feel good on both counts! It's important to us that you know what you are getting when it comes to underwear, which is often not the case with certain disposable period protection (such as tampons and pads) which have questionable components that can sometimes be responsible for irritation or even be risky for your health (just think about toxic shock, which affected 23 women in 2017, a number that has been steadily increasing in France since 1990).

Change your underwear to match your mood and your flow

Whatever your menstrual cycle looks like, whether you have a light, average or heavy flow, whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your period, whether you want extra protection because your current method doesn't cut it, or you just want to try something different, Sisters Republic has the period underwear you need. Each of our styles comes in three levels of absorption to adapt to each woman's flow and in all sizes! So if you want to wear our skimpier bikini style at the beginning of your cycle and not worry about leaking, or our boyshorts for sports without feeling any discomfort, you can!

Multi-purpose underwear for any situation

Of course, our washable absorbent underwear can also be used for heavy discharge and mild incontinence. Use them in the same way as you would for your period, except don't worry about rinsing with water cold right after use - you can just throw them in the washing machine as they are. With Sisters Republic, you get 100% effective, comfortable period underwear that is practical, environmentally friendly and sustainable! Choose your size, the level of absorption needed (light, medium or super) and wear underwear that truly goes with your flow!