Results of The clinical study
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Because even if we spent months designing our period panties to offer you the ultimate in efficiency and comfort...

Because even if we've sourced our fabrics from 3 different European countries, using certified organic cotton and the most absorbent, skin-friendly Oeko-Tex materials...

We wanted to offer you an outside guarantee, irrefutable proof that our panties are effective and perfectly respectful of your respondent.

So we asked an independent laboratory to clinically test the efficacy and skin tolerance of our Sisters Republic panties on a sample of women aged 21 to 45*, under gynecological supervision.

Here are the main results of the study:

100% of women surveyed found Sisters Republic panties effective in protecting themselves during their period.

About the effectiveness of Sisters Republic panties:

  • 95% finding the right panties to prevent leakage;
  • 85% feel serene using Sisters Republic panties during this period;
  • 80% to declare that the panty provides dry comfort and avoids the wet feeling usually experienced with a sanitary towel;
  • 75% to believe that panties are effective against odors.

  • About the comfort of Sisters Republic panties:

  • 95% of women find Sisters Republic panties comfortable to wear
  • 95% of women also feel that, unlike sanitary towels, panties don't feel thicker.

  • About the practicality of Sisters Republic panties:

  • 95% of women find panties easy to wash
  • 70% find Sisters Republic panties more pleasant to use than other sanitary pads

  • 100% believe that the different levels of absorption offered by Sisters Republic make it easy to adapt to each phase of the cycle
  • sisters-republic-uk

    In the end, 95% of the women surveyed said they would recommend Sisters Republic panties to a friend.

    *Skin tolerance study and subjective efficacy test carried out on 20 women aged 21 to 45 after repeated use under normal conditions. Models tested: Colette Super and Médium absorption panties

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