Why is it cheaper to use Sisters Republic absorbent underwear than reg
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Why is it cheaper to use Sisters Republic absorbent underwear than regular protection?

A woman experiences an average of 450 menstrual cycles during her lifetime and will spend €8,000 on menstrual products from puberty to menopause (according to a Huffington Post study), so this budget is far from negligible for women. Sisters Republic panties can help you reduce these costs: if you buy a 7-pack of panties, your Sisters Republic panties will only cost you €25.60 each and last 4-5 years. No more $4-$5 worth of tampons and sanitary pads being thrown away every month! And that's just as much less garbage for our beautiful planet.So Sisters Republic panties are both economical and  environmentally friendly.

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<p><strong>Free delivery</strong> on orders over £34</p>

Free delivery on orders over £34

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