Sisters Republic absorbent underwear is reusable
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Sisters Republic absorbent underwear is reusable

Is Sisters Republic absorbent underwear reusable?

Yes, you can continue to use your Sisters Republic period underwear for many years to come, unlike tampons and pads which hugely pollute the planet. A woman will use between 10,000 and 15,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime and the British newspaper The Telegraph has even revealed that an estimated 100 billion sanitary items are thrown away each year. Absorbent pants are a zero-waste form of period protection which is  great for protecting the planet and doing your part. You can use your underwear for anywhere between 5 and 7 years depending on the number of times you wear it and the care with which you wash it (it will never lose its absorbency).

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Reusable, good value environmentally friendly absorbent underwear

Our absorbent underwear is made to be reused. Made from high quality OEKO Tex certified fabric, they stand up well to repeated washing, like most good underwear. In the event of intensive use, these briefs will last up to 3 or 4 years, but used moderately, your absorbent underwear should last much longer. Knowing that you probably won't wear them more than once or twice a month (it's handy to have several pairs to alternate between washes), they should last you several years.

There are real savings to be made. If a woman spends an average of €20 per month on tampons and pads, that's about €240 per year, which is the price of eight pairs at €30 each (if you buy a multi-pack of 3, they'll cost €28.80, of 5 they'll cost €27.20, and of 7 they'll only cost €25.60 each)! But the thing is, your underwear will last for years, so it doesn't take long to see the savings. And when you think that getting your period can cost around €675 per year (including period protection, panty liners, and new underwear purchased due to leaks), menstruation can be very expensive. Reusable period underwear can easily help save you cash.

And these savings don't just benefit your wallet. Switching from pads and tampons means less waste and therefore less processing and recycling costs. It takes a lot of energy and resources to convert disposable pads into cellulose. So the planet will also thank you for having chosen a more sustainable solution. For all women who want to be more environmentally conscious, absorbent underwear can be a good alternative to traditional single-use protection. And don't worry about them being a fad - our underwear is light and soft, pleasant to wear, as well as looking feminine and glamorous. Available in bikini, boyshort or hipster cuts that fit perfectly, you can wear them and still feel comfortable in your favourite outfits. We made sure to avoid unnecessary bulk, so none of our underwear is more than 3mm thick at the crotch. And no matter your shape, you'll find a flattering style for you. 

Just like your favourite regular lingerie, our underwear has pretty laced and mesh details. We're betting they'll be a favourite because they're both pretty AND practical - basically your best ally for those dreaded days in the month. Most women suffer from discomfort during their period, but our underwear makes those days a little more comfortable. With no risk of odour or leakage, you can go ahead and wear those tight white jeans without the worry. What's more, the Sidonie bikini is so pretty that you'll feel great about yourself while wearing them. We recommend getting a couple of pairs of your favourite style to cover you for your entire period.


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Care advice for your absorbent pants

Taking care of your absorbent underwear and making them last couldn't be easier. There's no need for sterilization, like with the cup! Just rinse your panties in cold water as soon as you take them off, making sure the water runs clear. Then put them in your washing machine (immediately or the next time you do a load)  on a delicate programme at 30 °C. Make sure to not use fabric softeners or bleach and to let your pants dry in the open air (no tumble dryer please). Ideally, we recommend using a laundry net to protect them even more. But don't worry, you can just wash your underwear with the rest of your laundry without it getting stained or damaged.

Here are the best fabric care tips for your Sisters Republic underwear:

  • After removing your absorbent underwear, rinse them with cold water. Simply run under the tap and wait until the water runs clear. If you are using your underwear for incontinence or vaginal discharge, you can skip this step - they don't need to be rinsed in this case!
  • To wash your absorbent underwear, just throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, preferably in a laundry net to best protect them. If you already have one for your bras and your delicate laundry, you can use it for your absorbent underwear too.
  • Consider using an organic detergent. Just like clothes made of natural fibres (flax, hemp), your underwear is fragile and aggressive hygiene products can damage the fibres. If you wash your underwear by hand, opt for an organic hand wash detergent.
  • Make sure to let your underwear air dry. It's better for their longevity and the environment.

And just to be safe, here's a short list of things to avoid:

  • Never rinse your underwear with hot water. Not only because it can cause the blood to stain, but it's just good practice to not wash your textiles at a high temperature.
  • Stay away from fabric softeners: the presence of "softeners" will prevent the absorbent part from functioning normally.
  • No bleach or other stain removers: avoid chemicals. Your underwear is made from Oeko Tex-certified fabrics, so don't compromise that with chemicals that may be harmful to your intimate hygiene.
  • Do not use a tumble dryer as this may damage the waterproof fabric and lead to leakage. You should also avoid drying them on the radiator for this same reason.
  • Do not iron your absorbent briefs: the high temperature could damage the waterproof lining of your underwear

Sisters Republic underwear is reusable and can last for years if you take the time to look after them properly. And it's worth it for the savings, the comfort, peace of mind and the style. 


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