Yoga On Your Period
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Yoga On Your Period

Practicing yoga during your period

Staying glued to the couch under a blanket during the few days of your period per month is a habit that many women fall into. But it doesn't have to be that way. Just because you're experiencing period pain, that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in the corner until it subsides. As a remedy for any discomfort, you could try taking part in some yoga, one of the best natural remedies out there for relieving and soothing period pain, thanks in large part to its anti-inflammatory actions.

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Like Pilates, a similar practice although slightly more intense for the uterine cavities and the nervous system, some yoga postures provide multiple benefits and can help you feel better. From now on, don't let your menstrual period get you down and take control of your body. There are many benefits to practicing yoga during your period, even if you are a beginner. Some asanas will work for you, while others will not. If you thought yoga and your period had nothing in common, think again! Let's take a quick look at the subject.

The benefits of practicing yoga during your period

According to statistics, nearly 80% of women suffer from painful periods every month, and that’s not including those with endometriosis. Yoga can be a great way to deal with these menstrual pains. There is nothing to stop you from practicing yoga as long as you do the right postures. There are no contraindications to yoga during your period. In short, yoga and menstruation go hand in hand. But if you're not sure which exercises to do, always ask your yoga teacher for advice.

Aside from the physical benefits, yoga can have a positive effect on your mood during your period. Generally, women can be nervous, tired, stressed and more easily irritated during that time of the month. Energy is low. With the right exercises, yoga can help you boost your mind, calm cramps and abdominal pain, relieve stress, relax the lower back and boost your energy.

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The best yoga poses to do on your period

If you usually curl up under your sheets until your period pains go away, it’s time to take a new approach. Take a yoga class or get out your yoga mat and practice at home. Check out the postures below to help you alleviate the pain effectively. The following are gentle asanas that help relieve cramps and regulate blood flow whilst reducing back problems.

Corpse Pose or Savasana

This first posture will help you to refuel and refocus on yourself. The corpse pose is a very important pose in yoga and is often done at the end of a yoga session. It provides total relaxation. While lying on your back, spread your legs and arms slightly. Face your palms upward and feel your breath. Breathe deeply and slowly and you’ll feel all parts of your body relax.

Child's pose or Balasana

This is a classic pose that is great for yoga on your period. There is no better exercise to help relax you and it couldn’t be easier to do. You start by getting on all fours. Then spread your knees to the width of your shoulders and bring your big toes together. Exhaling deeply, bring your hips down to your ankles and bend your chest forward. As you release your arms to the floor in front of you, keep your palms down. Relax your back and touch the floor with your chin. Repeat for several breaths.

The cat pose or Marjariasana

While frequently performed in a children's yoga class, this second pose also has the added benefit of relaxing the back while promoting the flow of energy throughout the body. It also relaxes the spine. As with the previous asana, start on all fours. Place your arms parallel to your knees. On the inhale, lower your belly and straighten your head. As you exhale, round your back and lower your head.

Down Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is a great position if you are on your period. This asana tones the body and relaxes the lower back and spine. As you probably already know, these areas of the body are often subject to pain during menstruation. In addition, it relieves the body and helps to de-stress. In an inverted V position, form a 90 degree angle with your thighs and spine. Support your weight by placing your hands on the floor in front of your shoulders. Inhale as you raise your knees and then gradually lengthen them. Then pull your spine up. Exhale as you extend your heels toward the floor. Hold for three minutes and finish by exhaling and bending your knees back to the floor.




Yoga positions to avoid while you are on your period

While some yoga poses are particularly beneficial when you're on your period, others are less recommended. For example, do not perform any poses or sequences that strain the abdomen: inversions, tension postures, twisting postures, as well as those that require you to lift your legs too much... Also note that if you are menstruating, you should not perform any asana with your head down for too long.

Twisting postures may have many benefits, but not during menstruation. During your period, they can make bleeding more intense. Conversely, inverted postures can have the opposite effect and stop the bleeding. And when blood stagnates, it flows back into the uterus, which can cause problems. Even if your period doesn't always come with pain, discomfort or bad moods, avoid the above postures.

Try to focus on gentle postures that allow you to massage the lower back and belly. While you're at it, recite mantras and occasionally meditate to maximize the effects of your yoga session. Using period underwear that will allow you to do your yoga exercises in the most comfortable way during your menstrual period can also really help.

As you can see, it is completely possible to combine sports and menstruation, especially yoga, but only if you choose the right postures. After a good session, we advise you to take a nice, hot bath and to place a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen. Guaranteed results!


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