Underwear for bladder weakness?
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Underwear for bladder weakness?

Can I use Sisters Republic absorbent underwear for discharge or incontinence?

Of course! We know that more than three million women are affected by bladder weakness and some studies even suggest that the number is as high as six million. If you're concerned about minor bladder weakness, wearing our ultra-absorbent underwear can give you the comfort and peace of mind you are looking for.

underwear for bladder weakness

Who is our bladder weakness underwear for?

If you suffer from mild to moderate incontinence, our absorbent underwear is perfect for you. They are particularly suitable for people with stress or overflow incontinence. Our absorbent underwear is both discreet and effective, looking and feeling similar to regular underwear, but with a good level of absorption whilst being less than 3 mm thick in the crotch.

By using Sisters Republic underwear for your bladder control problems, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Discretion: our underwear is like any other - as light and discreet as your usual lingerie. It comes in several sizes (S through to XXL) and in various styles such as a boyshort, a bikini cut or the more classic cut with a higher waist (to slim the hips). The selection of styles means you can wear your favourite outfits without the fear of having unsightly underwear marks. With our absorbent underwear, women who suffer from incontinence are able to regain their self-confidence.
  • Simplicity: just put them on exactly as you would your regular panties, there are no wings to stick down or special instructions to follow. You also don't have to worry about  your protection slipping in case of sudden or unusual movement.
  • Comfort: in terms of protection available for those suffering from a weak bladder, absorbent underwear is the only really comfortable solution: no thickness at the crotch, no odour thanks to their Oeko Tex-certified composition, and no fear of leaks with waterproof polyurethane lining.

  • Durability: our underwear is washable and reusable. If you use them for small leaks, you can put them directly in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry (ideally at 30 °C with a mild detergent) and then let them air dry. 

  • Aesthetics: no other protection can boast being as pretty and comfortable to wear as our underwear. With their beautiful lace and ruffle finishes, they make you look and feel good. A great way to feel good about yourself, even if you are dealing with intimate problems.

Our underwear is ideal for all women suffering from unexpected leakage during the day, knowing that even a sneeze can set it off. They are also particularly useful during sports. This type of protection can even be worn at night.


Discover Sisters Republic absorbent underwear: no smell, no dampness and up to 12 hours with no leakage.

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Why is absorbent underwear better than other types of protection?

While our underwear is primarily intended for periods, it is also a suitable solution for incontinence problems for many reasons.

First of all, it is both more discreet and practical than other protection available. As absorbent as a pad but without the thickness, it can help you deal with the unexpected. Remember that the thickest panties are 3 mm at most, whereas "super thin" panty liners are around 2.5 mm.

For women who need both period and urinary protection, the absorbent panty is a unique and highly effective solution. Depending on your needs, they can be used as period or incontinence underwear. You no longer need to invest in several products (panty liners, pads, tampons cups). With a few pairs of absorbent underwear, you are covered!

Our underwear is also reusable and can last several years provided you look after them well. Imagine the money you'll save: if you add up the cost of the various single-use protections you use, you'll soon realise how much you are spending. Opt for incontinence underwear instead - one pair costs around €30 and can be used for an average of 3 or 4 years. To maximise their lifespan, use gentle cleaning products and avoid bleach and stain removers, even if you see stains on your briefs. Their use will deteriorate the fabric's fibres. Similarly, stay away from the tumble dryer as it will damage the waterproof lining of your underwear. As a result, your underwear will no longer be of use to you.

Finally, let's not forget that opting for reusable protection means you can reduce waste by more than 80%, a nice change for the planet. If you are committed to a responsible and more environmentally friendly approach to consumption, reusable protection underwear is the way to go.

Our underwear can be used alongside other incontinence products

To prevent or cure incontinence, there are several solutions out there. For women, perineal and pelvic floor re-education can help strengthen the area. It is also possible to re-educate the bladder in order to have better control. You can train yourself to go to the toilet at specific times and to resist the urge to urinate. While you are in the process, wearing incontinence underwear can help you to build up the self-confidence you need.

If you have moderate to severe incontinence that cannot be solved by rehabilitation, there are a number of surgical options you and your doctor can consider. If this is the case, incontinence underwear may not be the solution for you as they cannot provide enough protection. We recommend opting for adult nappies, which are much more absorbent than other means of protection.


For dry days and peaceful nights, try Sisters Republic ultra-absorbent underwear

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