How many hours can I wear my Sisters Republic period underwear before
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How many hours can I wear my Sisters Republic period underwear before needing to change?

The number of hours you can wear your period underwear for before needing to change depends on the level of absorption you choose and how heavy your flow is. If you choose the right underwear for your flow, you can get up to 12 hours of protection from your period underwear.

Below is a chart to guide you but, in general, trust your feelings. As soon as you start to feel a slight bit of dampness, it's time to change.

If you have a really heavy flow, we advise you to use our period underwear in addition to your regular period protection.

  Light    Medium Super
 Light flow/ end flow   12H   12H 12H
 Average Flow/ mid-period    6H 12H 12H
 Heavy flow/ start of period   1 to 2 hours 2 to 6 hours 6 to 12 hours
Very veavy flow Use in conjunction with tampons or cup


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